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Anything you can do at the Post Office you can do right from the comfort of your desk. Print postage faster and get the biggest USPS® discount available. Postage Meters starting at just $23.75/month!

Used by over 100,000 businesses

Get the Biggest USPS® Discount Available!

Cheapest Postage

With a postage meter, you’ll save 6% on every First-Class letter your business sends.

Print Postage Faster

Process mail faster than ever! We’ll help you find the right machine for your mail volume.

Save on Ink & Supplies

Save money on ink and meter supplies when compared to the competition.

Mail Now, Pay Later

Get postage when you need it with credits that are available at no additional charge.

Ensure Accuracy

Rate wizard and an integrated scale ensure you get the right postage rate every time.

Skip the Post Office

Don't miss out on a 6% discount! Print postage right from your business or home office!

Rate Shop

The option to add shipping software so you compare multiple carriers for the best rates!

Manage Costs

Monitor, track and control your postal spend with an intuitive dashboard.

Price Protection

When the USPS® raises rates, you won’t pay extra fees to reset new rates or add more postage!


Save More!

Not only will you get deep discounts on mail and shipments, but you'll save money on ink, tapes and sealing fluid. Plus, your contract is price protected for the first three years! No hidden fees or surprise surcharges.


Boost Productivity!

Create shortcuts, sign up for low ink Email Alerts, update new rates automatically, and find better ways to keep your mail moving!


Award Winning Support!

You'll have access to award-winning customer support. When you have a question, you can call or email an expert to get a solution and advice right away.

Print Postage Faster & Save Money

Process 18 pieces per minute, get discounted postage rates, and save big on ink & supplies. Meters starting at just $23.75/month!

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As low as $23.75/month!

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